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Ebola Strikes Congo Again, But Disease Under Controlled

The Democratic Republic of Congo is again battling from an Ebola outbreak since around a month and around 100 cases have already been reported. Surprisingly, this time Congo is better equipped to fight the epidemic as there is no news coming of fresh cases and the situation is slowly returning to normal. The area’s treatment centers, having a capacity of 78 beds which earlier used to be full of patients have now just 30 people taking treatments. The number of new cases every week is also reducing gradually. The officials are keeping track of more than 3500 relatives and friends of people who were diagnosed with Ebola. Around 4000 vaccines have been administered. They are even hoping to allow a regular school in North Kivu Province from Monday.

The health experts said that although the situation is under control it is too early to be easy with the measures. Congo’s Minister for Health, Dr. Oly Ilunga said that the epidemic still possesses a threat to the people. He was reverberating the warning issued by the World Health Organization. According to WHO Director-General, Tedros Adhanom Ghereysus, the danger from the outbreak is still prevalent in Congo. With 112 cases which include both confirmed and probable and 75 deaths, the situation is still very tricky. Some parts of the region are still not accessible to the aid workers and this is causing a hindrance in the relief work. These areas are very close to the epicenter of the Ebola outbreak located in Mangina town of Congo.

This non-accessibility can be a reason for serious damage. Even if a single case remains unattended in that area then it can spread like wildfire. This was informed by the Director General of the WHO during a press conference. He further added in his interaction with the reporters that although the reports of new cases were on a decline the condition of isolated areas is not yet fully clear. He said that it is better to wait for another 8-10 days before reaching any conclusion.

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