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PHE Urges UK Citizens To Take Online Heart Test

PHE or the Public Health England has requested the people, who are over 30 years of age to undergo an online test, in order to determine the age of the heart. Though it may sound weird, the age of a person is not equivalent to the age of the heart. The experts believe that determining the age of the heart will reveal the vulnerability of suffering from a heart attack or stroke. Though the test will not be able to reveal whether or not the people may have a heart attack, it will buzz an alarm that will indicate a change of lifestyle with an immediate effect to avoid any mishap.

In fact, they believe that if a person takes proper care of the heart, none less than 80% of the heart failures and strokes can be avoided for the people who have crossed 75 years.

The researchers have also blamed the unhealthy lifestyle for the early deaths. They have also released data that reveals that four out of five adults who don’t exercise, smoke, and fail to eat healthy food, die an untimely death.

A 59-year-old man, David Green, took the test and expressed his anxiousness by stating that the age of his heart is 10 years older than his original age, which clearly indicates that the life expectancy is reduced remarkably. In spite of being sad about the fact, he acquired his courage and committed to following a healthy lifestyle. He also stated that the physician has asked him to change his lifestyle for a better and longer life, by discarding junk food and embracing exercise.

Some of the tips to improve the lifestyle are to quit smoking, reduce the weight, initiate physical activity, increased fiber intake, reduce the consumption of salt, and others that will definitely reset the health on a right path.

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