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WHO Warns Against Reduced Levels of Physical Inactivity Globally

As per the WHO report, since 2001, more than a quarter people worldwide (i.e. 1.4 billion people) are lacking in doing enough physical activities. This has led to a rise in the risk of health issues such as cardiovascular disorders, cancers, and type-II diabetes. The least active countries were high-earning, including the UK. Among these, females were headed to be most sedentary or deskbound throughout the world.

The study of WHO was based on the data from 168 countries, including 1.9 million people. During this study, it was revealed that the number of inactive individuals has risen from 32% to 37% in the span of 2001–2016 in the USA and the UK. On the other hand, low-earning countries continued to be stable at 16%. The inclination towards more sedentary jobs in addition to an increase in the use of motor transport might have elevated the levels of inactivity.

On a similar note, recently, Google Fit’s update integrated the WHO activity goals. Google Fit, a fitness-tracking app, restored and emphasized the suggestions from the American Heart Association and World Health Organization that encourages the physical movement and exercise. This kind of fitness-tracking app gives more recognition to users for doing exercises in more possible ways, which anticipates the users would achieve 75 minutes of vigorous activity and 150 minutes of moderate activity in a week.

Google Fit’s main goals are known to be ‘Heart Points’ and ‘Move Minutes”. Move Minutes are in the relation of all physical movements such as walking, while Heart Points are rewarded for moderate intensity exercise such as cycling or running. Google Fit’s Margaret Hollendoner—Head of Product—informed that some users were irregular; they would use the app at New Years’ but their activity levels were not continuous. This new update is meant to keep the users motivated and regular with their physical activities.

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