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Microsoft To Soon Launch Product For Surface Line, But Still No Phone

The launch event was held in New York, will target on the new models developed for Surface product range which has laptop and tablet in it, instead of Surface phone or something completely new device, as per the news shared by the person, who is part of the plan.

This would take out the introduction of the top-secret Andromeda device by Microsoft, which has been explained as a Surface mini with a cutting-edge new dual-screen folding feature.

David Beyer, Designer, Andromeda Surface device, Microsoft, has as well prepared a mock-up for the new device. It is been a few years that Microsoft has organized an autumn event to announce its new range of products, even if the company has already revealed the other new Surface device line products earlier in the year.

This year, July brought some new category of products ranging from Surface Go Tablet by Microsoft, in competition with the Apple iPad, which are more affordable. In the next 6 weeks, we are going to see 3 new iPhone announcements by Apple along with a 4th generation Apple watch, scheduled to announce on September 12.

The new product launch can have a 6.5-inch screen new iPhone with a high-end specification, which can be dubbed under the iPhone Xs or Xs Max, in addition to this the next launch will have the existing iPhone X, which will be available in a variant of 5.8 inch OLED screen. These newly released devices are rumored to be having dual SIM slots.

In addition to these new iPhones, Apple could launch an Apple watch with larger-screen, a new model of iPad Pro and a MacBook Air with Retina sensors.

Google is going to have its media event scheduled on October 9 with Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL to be the showstoppers.

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