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A Startup Claims, Quantum Computing Is All Set For Business Applications

Quantum computing, which explores the specific physics of the subatomic scale, seemed long and long to be a technology of the isolated future is now decades away. But science fiction technology might feature in the market a few years earlier than expected, owing to new ideas about using its lacking possibilities. With technology giants such as IBM and Google and, Berkeley-based Rigetti is trying to triumph the market. And it can, at this moment, lead the way.

Today, the startup launches an Amazon Web Services (AWS) template project called Quantum Cloud Services. “What this platform is achieving for the first time is an integrated computer system that is the first architecture of cloud computing services,” said founder and CEO of his company, Chad Rigetti. Some early users announced by Rigetti comprise chemistry and biotechnology companies that make use of quantum technology to study complex molecules to develop new drugs.

“Specific actions that can be taken at the end of the system are limited and prone to errors. They are almost sufficient to advance the performance of traditional computers, further than what they themselves could do,” he said.

Hybrid algorithms used by both systems can sense and correct some errors. And even the imperfect results of quantum computers can in many cases be enough or far in excess of what traditional computer technology can do or produce results faster or at lower costs.

Rigetti does not have the biggest quantum computer at present. That honor goes to Google, which has announced a 72-qubit system, according to a panel that Doug Finke maintains. IBM now has a system with 50-qubits and Intel has one with 49.

In the true quantum mode, Rigetti seems to have a lead in the commercialization of technology at this point of observation. But with so many unknowns among different leading players and technologies, many dissimilar consequences for the industry may seem probable at the same time.

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