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Microsoft Collaborating With Shell To Make Gas Station Safer With AI

Microsoft is shell are teaming up on a project to incorporate AI tools into the gas stations, beginning with one in Thailand and then the other in Singapore. The shell gas stations are utilizing the video cameras and a device in the station that has the cloud intelligence program of Microsoft, referred to as Azure IoT Edge, to capture the people smoking at the station. Smoking leads to a serious issue due to the issue of an explosion or fire.

The camera will send the frames to the Azure cloud of Microsoft that mostly will have cigarettes images in them, which clicks on the AI to find out if someone found smoking and then send an alert message to the manager at the station.

Daniel Jeavons, general manager, data science, shell, said in a blog post on Monday, “Each of our gas stations has around 6 cameras and grabs data up to 200 MBps. In a case when you make effort to load all the data on the cloud, it becomes heavily unmanageable.” The AI tools will allow us to keep the selective data in the cloud.

Yuri Sebregts, CTO and executive vice president, technology, shell, shared in the same blog, “The new opportunities of working with data of last few years are creating great possibilities in all the segment of operations done in the company.”

For instance, we can now predict in a lot of cases when the compressor is at a high risk of failure in advance of 24—48 hours, which was difficult to execute earlier despite having all the functionalities on these complex and large machines.

Along with these two organizations are operating together on drilling process more efficiently with the help of AI and how the employees of the Shell in all over the world can communicate with each other in better and more personal way.

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