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Almost 50 Million Facebook Accounts Hacked

Facebook has just declared that almost 50 Million accounts on the website were hacked. The vice president for product management of the social media company, Guy Rosen, took to the firm’s newsroom site claiming that the engineering team of the company found the irregularity on September 25, 2018. The attack has affected almost 50 Million accounts and for now, the investigation is in early phases.

Rosen claims that attackers employed “View As” feature of the platform to steal access tokens of Facebook accounts. Access tokens could be employed to take over other accounts. For those who are not aware, the “View As” function shows up when you edit your profile picture or profile details. This is employed to see your personal account as somebody else. As the company clarifies, access tokens are “digital keys” that keep consumers signed in to Facebook so they do not have to provide their passwords each time they visit the website.

On a similar note, Facebook last week claimed that it now has 300 Million daily consumers of “stories,” a feature motivated by Snapchat, and will now start offering ads with these visual texts. The declaration displays that Facebook is making raids in this new segment that permits consumers to share photos or videos with augmented reality options & emojis that can enable consumers to draw hats or eyeglasses on faces, and which vanish after 24 Hours.

“Beginning this week Facebook Stories ads will be accessible to advertisers all over the globe,” a statement from the biggest social platform in the world claimed as it made the declaration at a media event in New York.

Ads in stories have proven to boost valuable business results. Facebook, which at one point wanted to purchase Snapchat to tap into the market for teen consumers, started employing the stories feature on Instagram in 2016 and in 2017 expanded that to Messenger & Facebook users.

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