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Samourai Wallet And goTenna Rolls Out TxTenna For Internet-Less Bitcoin Transfer

The mesh networking firm for decentralized communications tech, goTenna, has declared that TxTenna is now accessible on the Google Play Store to the overall public. TxTenna is a service that permits for transactions of truly decentralized bitcoin, permitting consumers to transact bitcoin without any cell signal, Internet connectivity, or any other kind of centralized connection.

The application was developed by the manufacturers of Samourai Wallet, the secure and enhanced bitcoin wallet, and uses goTenna Mesh devices and Aspen Grove mesh protocol by goTenna. TxTenna improves the accessibility, privacy, and censorship-resistance tenets essential for the worldwide Bitcoin network.

Samourai Wallet And goTenna Rolls Out TxTenna For Internet-Less Bitcoin Transfer

While praised as one of the most secure and private kinds of currencies accessible, the bulk of bitcoin payments are all still routed employing conventional Internet broadcasts. These broadcasts travel via ISPs and centralized carriers that can record or censor metadata for each transaction.

Speaking of bitcoin and cryptocurrency, earlier Ubank rolled a Token Sale for Ubcoin Market—the connected bionetwork. This move permitted its consumers to turn out to be crypto investors just by receiving crypto currency in exchange of trading real goods.

The team behind Ubank, the mobile payments app, branched out its business and rolled out Ubcoin Market, a blockchain bionetwork. Its members were allowed to simply buy and sell real products in exchange for crypto currency. The Token Sale was favorably reviewed and listed on,, and other rating portals.

Ubcoin Market covers the gap among real worlds and crypto. On one end, those who are not well-known with blockchain will be capable of becoming investors of crypto currency in a safe and easy way, and, on the other end, knowledgeable members of the decentralized world will be authorized to invest their crypto currency without changing it to real world currencies. Ubcoin Market helps those who are eagerly concerned about crypto currency but have their way of investment in crypto hampered by legal and technological barriers.

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