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Medicaid Enhances Its Reach To The Poor

The 2018 midterm elections saw health pay a less-than-pivotal role as voters gave control over the US House to Democrats, and left Republicans in charge in the Senate and also apparently ordered Medicaid expansion in a minimum of 3 states which had been for so long under the control of Republicans. The Democrats will unlikely do much to improve health policies, given the fact that the GOP controls the White House and Senate. They will effectively deliver a veto by Republicans to make important Medicare changes repeal Affordable Care Act and alter Medicaid health care system for the poor to a block grant program. The Medicaid is likely to expand which has for so long offered coverage provided by Affordable Care Act in many of the 18 states. Voters of Idaho, Nebraska and Utah were seen to be easily given approvals to ballot measures that called for expansion according to early returns. Voters in Montana are considering whether the existing and current expansion should be continued and if the expenses of the state should be covered by raising taxes on tobacco. Preliminary results showed that the number of opponents were more than the number of supporters. However, tallies from important countries will not be available until Wednesday.

Medicaid Enhances Its Reach To The Poor

Kansas might see an expansion of Medicaid where Democrat Laura Kelly won over Kris Kobach, the GOP Secretary of State. The Medicaid expansion legislature had earlier been passed, but had been vetoed in 2017 by ex-GOP Gov. Sam Brownback. Kobach was against ACA expansion. In Maine too, Medicaid was all set to expand in 2017 but the plan fell through after GOP Gov. Paul LePage didn’t implement it. Democrat Janet Mills has won and has promised to honor the wishes of the voters. Previous surveys conducted this year focused mainly on protecting healthcare interests of people with preexisting conditions. Democrats put more emphasis on healthcare services than Republicans. Hope seemed faint with the defeats of Heidi Heitkamp and Joe Donnelly and the victory of GOP Attorney General Josh Hawley over Sen. Claire McCaskill, which again was somewhat countered by the victory of Sen. Joe Manchin over Republican Patrick Morrisey. Also Rep. Nancy Pelosi who will take over the post of the speaker promised to make healthcare a key issue in legislature.

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