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New Supernova Stun Astronomers. But Why?

2018 is popularly called as the Year of the Cow; this name has been given by the astronomers across the world. Why? Because this is the name of a super stellar explosion, which has kept them busy for almost half of the year. This observation has provided the astronomers to think in a new way when it comes to the collapse of stars. There were couple of research groups who were involved in this experiment. They have submitted the research paper at the arXiv preprint service. The paper was submitted on October 25, 2018.

New Supernova Stun Astronomers. But Why?

Cow has surprised the astronomers with its luster, which came in such a night. Generally, a supernova gets brighter gradually but Cow got instant brightness in just a night. Stephen Smartt, who is an astronomer at the Queen’s University of Belfast, United Kingdom, informed that the star has popped up in the sky suddenly. He was the first astronomer to notice this star; Stephen named the star following the alphabetical protocol in astronomy. The star is technically known as the AT2018cow. Rafaella Margutti, who is an astrophysicist at the Northwestern University of Evanston, informed this is a big news for people who study stellar explosions.

The groups which have submitted their research paper are not connected to one another. They believe that the star received energy from a black hole which have recently emerged in the sky. The astronomers have termed this burst of energy as the ‘Central Engine.’ They have further added details that the black hole must have formed in the accreting activity or due to the superfast rotation of a neuron- star. Black holes and neuron- stars are the by- products of large stars, when these are at end of their lives. Mansi Kasliwal, who is an astronomer at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), informed that Cow is a hint about how star explosions take place.

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