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PIG Iceberg Pictures Shared By NASA

A new iceberg, with huge dimension, is sighted by the scientists of NASA. The new iceberg is broken from the PIG or Pine Island Glacier located in the Antarctic and is termed as B-46. The new block approximately covers 225 sq. km. This iceberg came into the notice of the satellite in October. After it was first sighted, it is now under minute scrutiny as it is thinning and accelerating.

PIG Iceberg Pictures Shared By NASA

The nomenclature of the new portion of the iceberg came from the classification system executed by the US National Ice Center, which segregates the Antarctic into different quadrants. The quadrant B covers the segment of the Amundsen Sea while the particular block falls under the 46th series.

The DC-8 of NASA has planned an IceBridge project with an objective to evaluate the elevation of the surfaces of the ice with the help of a laser. In this periodic expedition, NASA has found that the huge iceberg, which is around 3 times the size of Manhattan Island, is breaking up.

Onboard researchers have taken images of the PIG by taking the cameras out of the windows of the spacecraft. They have captured a mesmerizing view of the ice bed and released it.

The iceberg drains a mammoth area of West Antarctica, which can be compared to the two-third area of the UK. In fact, the glacier detaches chunks of ice from the shelf or floating front and releases into the Amundsen Sea.

The glacier system has a very unique mode of maintaining the equilibrium as the ejection of bergs follows the collection of snowfall inland. In fact, the production of the icebergs at the edge of the ice shelf is a natural phenomenon.

According to the studies of the long-term satellites, the big chunks of ice are thinning and adding to the volume of the Amundsen Bay, elevating the level of the global sea.

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