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Hackers Wipe Off Over 6500 Pages On The Dark Web Server

Daniel’s Hosting is a popular site, which is used by the people to host pages, in case they don’t want to publish those on the wider web. It hosted a wide variety of segments like the political tracts, fan following, porn, philosophical books, videos, hacked files, crypto-crash forums, web marketplaces, and other places that might contain certain documents left by the whistleblowers. This site is located in the hidden Tor network and preferred by many. The Onion Router or Tor helps in organizing the pages which are like websites and make it difficult for others to identify the exact location and details about the owners of the same.

Now, the hackers have succeeded in deleting over 6,500 pages on the dark web server. As a result, the pieces of information were also deleted which can’t be recovered as the administrator has confirmed that there is no backup of the pages. He had posted the information on the welcome page and has also stated that the sources of the vulnerability are not yet known.

Hackers Wipe Off Over 6500 Pages On The Dark Web Server

Daniel Winzen, the administrator of the hosting has stated the site will be up by the end of December which was hacked on 15 November, which resulted in the deletion of more than 6,500 pages.

Websites which are seen on the Tor network get a suffix of onion that allows the people to browse the World Wide Web without revealing the location and other data.

Daniel’s Hosting became very popular in the genre of onion site after the predecessor left the market in 2017.

A new vulnerability was discovered in PHP that is circulating in the circles of the hackers. This is the language for computer scripting, but Daniel Winzen is not sure of the appropriate source yet.

However, he has confirmed that once the site is up, he will make certain changes to the current setup that may keep these situations at bay.

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