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Redesigned User Profiles To Be Tested By Instagram Soon

The social media giant Instagram has recently declared that the company is testing some really new designs, as far as the layout designs for the large number of user profiles on the platform are concerned. The testing is still in process and will take some more time to get completed and it is expected to get completed in the next few weeks. The changes that are being made by Instagram are expected to make it much easier for the users to connect, with the help of the platform. This is also expected to attract more and more potential users towards tRedesigned User Profiles To Be Tested By Instagram Soon


The company recently shared some important information regarding the changes that are going to be implemented soon, on the official blog of the company. It also mentioned that this is actually a type of an experiment and a wide range of combinations is being considered, and the feedback from the users is also being listened to.

The company wrote in the blog while addressing the users that there will be some re-arranged features visible at the top of the user profiles on the application of the company, over the period of next few weeks. The company however mentioned that the videos and the photos on the profiles will stay unaffected by the changes that are in process. There would be changes in the buttons, icons, as well as the process of the navigation between the different tabs on the application.

Following the footsteps of Twitter, it seems that Instagram is also redesigning the application in such a way that the follower counts is given relatively less importance in the new design, in an attempt to promote more meaningful conversations through retweets, likes, as well as follows. It would now be interesting to see how the users react to the changes that are being planned by Instagram.

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