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Sony Bans PSN User For Offensive Username

Sony have prohibited a PSN consumer for an offensive username, in spite of the latter not realizing it. The user in question used the name “kike_0615” that can absolutely be offensive for Jewish users, but also not, relying on how you read it. PSN’s service was in requirement of an ID-modifying function for a long time and it is starting to launch the feature. A player from Mexico, Enrique, was banned for employing his nickname as an ID on the service.

Sony Bans PSN User For Offensive Username

If you ever seen a TV show, a movie, or even have Mexican or Spanish acquaintances and friends, you might know that “Quique” or “Kike” are common nicknames for individuals named Enrique. Both are pronounced as “kee-kay” but unluckily, the former takes on an offensive and a whole different meaning if pronounced in a different way. Pronouncing it as English users might lead to a disgrace for Jewish users that originated at the start of 20th century at some point.

On a related note, Facebook last week claimed that it has begun prohibiting both individual pages and accounts along with associated groups that are related with the Proud Boys (the far-right extremist agency). The news was first claimed this week by Business Insider, which noted that the Proud Boys members and adjacent online societies had started complaining about the bans on Twitter.

The eliminations come in reply to an act of aggression in New York City previously this month, in which Proud Boys members attacked anti-fascist protestors in Manhattan outside a Republican club where Gavin McInnes (Proud Boys founder), was speaking. Facebook verified to the media that it was prohibiting members of Proud Boys and associated pages and groups from both Instagram and its main social network. Personal page of McInnes was originally still active, but a number of high-profile pages, groups, and accounts started to vanish over the course of time.

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