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Apple To Head SC Over The Antitrust Case By Customers

Apple is visiting Supreme Court in order to defend itself against a claim made by consumers saying that they have monopolized the smartphone market in an unfair way. The justices will hear the arguments in efforts to stop this antitrust lawsuit which could force it to reduce the commission of 30 percent which it charges on software developing companies whose applications are sold through App Store exclusively. Also, the judge may triple this compensation if Apple loses this lawsuit under the antitrust law. The company said that they don’t own any apps or sells them. That is the authority of the software developers.

Apple To Head SC Over The Antitrust Case By Customers

The lawsuits said that the Cupertino, a company from California is exerting more control over this process which includes a requirement like price should end by .99 as well the apps of iPhone should only be available through AppStore. The consumers are free to choose among 2million apps, from the prior 500 apps which were made available when App store was launched in year 2008. The software popularity for iPhone users and their App Store should not obscure the consumers that buy applications from developers and not Apple directly. Apple is the sales & distribution channel for developers, said the lawyers of Apple during their filing in Supreme Court.

Apple takes 30% commission on sale of the apps, but the company says any issues regarding pricing structure must come from the developers and not the consumers because the commission is paid by the developers. The administration led by Donald Trump is helping Apple during this case. The lawyers from the side of consumers urged high court for allowing this lawsuit to move ahead. The consumers have to pay the prices of apps to Apple directly using App Store, says the lawyers during this filing. This direct relationship will make Apple a proper target for this antitrust lawsuit, the lawyers said.

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