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China Is Building Its Own Navigation System To Battle With America’s GPS

In a desperate attempt to take the rivalry to the next level, China is reportedly spending a whopping sum of around $9Bn in order to build its own navigation system. China is doing so as to minimize its dependence over the American navigation system that is GPS. The news comes at the midst of the Trade tensions amongst the two nations. The data about the locations which is fetched from the GPS is normally used by everything, right from the smartphones to the navigation systems used in cars. Even from the chip fitted over the neck of your dog to the guided missiles, everything goes through the GPS.

China Is Building Its Own Navigation System To Battle With America’s GPS

Interestingly, all the satellites are under the control of the Air Force of the US. This fact particularly seems to be worrying China from past couple of days. In order to cater this problem, China is building its own navigation system. This project undertaken by the administration of China is said to be one amongst the biggest space program ever undertaken. A professor from Maryland University identified as Marshall Kaplan said that China does not intend to depend over US. A navigation system named ‘The Beidou’ which is currently accessible in China along with some other neighboring countries will be available worldwide by the year 2020.

The plan of expansion of the service at the global level is a part of Xi Jinping’s vision of making the country a leader in terms of technology. In its effort to build up the technology, China has been launching a range of satellites into the space. on the 19th of November, it fired two more satellites which are a part of Beidou system. By the end of the year 2020, china is planning to launch 11 more satellites into the space for the same.

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