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First Driverless Bus Trial From Edinburgh To Fife Announced

The first self-driving bus trial in Scotland will run from Fife to Edinburgh in 2019. The pilot will comprise 5 autonomous single-decker buses travelling all over the Forth Road Bridge. A person will still be needed behind the wheels on the bus during to be present as a back-up for safety of passenger and to obey UK rules.

First Driverless Bus Trial From Edinburgh To Fife Announced

Financial support of £4.35 Million has been given by the Government of UK for the pilot, which plans to go live by 2021. Additional support has been offered by operators such as Transport Scotland, Stagecoach, Fusion Processing Ltd, Alexander Dennis, and ESP Group.

The bus will firstly only be completely unmanned inside its depot, conducting movements comprising moving and parking to the bus wash and fuelling station. The autonomous buses will offer a service able of transporting almost 42 passengers 14 Miles to Edinburgh Park train and tram interchange all over the Forth Bridge.

On a related note, Germany earlier launched out the first hydrogen-powered train in the world. This indicates the beginning of an effort to challenge the strength of polluting diesel trains with pricy but environment-friendly tech. Developed by French TGV-manufacturer Alstom, two bright blue Coradia iLint trains started running a 100-kilometer path between the cities and towns of Bremerhaven, Cuxhaven, Buxtehude, and Bremervoerde in northern Germany.

“The first hydrogen train I in the world is making an entry into commercial service and is all set for serial manufacturing,” claimed Henri Poupart-Lafarge, CEO of Alstom, claimed to the media at the launch event in Bremervoerde. Now, Bremervoerde is the station where the trains will be refueled with hydrogen. Alstom has claimed that it aims to offer more 14 of the zero-emissions trains by 2021 to Lower Saxony state, with other German states also showing some interest.

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