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Biofuel Developed By Danish Company Aims To Reduce Carbon Footprint

According to Dirk Kronemeiier of biofuel firm Good Fuels, the thick black fuel oil used by ocean going ships to transports goods and people across the world is the worst fuel created by humans. He believes that his firm’s product will help to cut the large carbon footprint that shipping industry leaves on the earth. UN body International Maritime Agency that regulates global shipping states that the industry’s CO2 emissions have to be brought down by 50 percent towards 2050 as shipping industry contributes to more than 2 percent of world’s carbon dioxide emissions.

Biofuel Developed By Danish Company Aims To Reduce Carbon Footprint

Mr. Kronemeiier lauds the biofuel created by his firm as the best alternative to this situation as existing merchant ships can continue using this fuel without modifying their systems. Biotech engineers at his Denmark based firm developed this biofuel over a period of three years that is developed from cooking oil but alternatives like other waste products and also residue like leaves and deadwood from forests can be used to make it. The fuel when burnt will release carbon dioxide like other fuel but since it is manufactured from organic materials that has absorbed same amount of carbon dioxide during manufacture the effect is offset.

The product is therefore regarded as the most carbon neutral of all variants. Good Fuels says that its biofuel has been certified by independent experts as being a sustainable fuel and they would never use controversial products like palmoil for manufacturing the product. During September a Danish shipping organization D/S Norden’s ship travelled between Netherlands and Estonia using this biofuel which was the first ocean travelling vessel to use it. CEO of D/S Norden Jan Rindbo announced that he is going to start giving carbon-free shipping services to his clients from next year onwards. But he said that powering ships will be more expensive than the heavy black fuel that is used now though when new restrictions start in 2020 shipping companies will no longer be able to apply this heavy fuel oil.

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