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Google Aims To Sync Bluetooth Devices Connecting Across Your Handsets

Google is taking a step forward for making Bluetooth speakers and headsets simpler to connect with Android. Now your Google account can keep in mind Fast Pair-friendly devices you have employed and transfer automatically the connection to different handsets.

Google Aims To Sync Bluetooth Devices Connecting Across Your Handsets

Fast Pair is not a new feature on Android. It was originally rolled out in October 2017. On the other hand, acceptance of the feature has been slow, even with JayBirds making a handful of Fast Pair devices. This week’s Google declaration also guarantees extra support from the likes of Bose and Anker. Google is also conveying Fast Pair to Chromebooks in 2019 with the similar functions.

Like earlier, switching on compatible Fast Pair speakers and headphones will generate automatically a pop-up on your Android handsets running on version 6.0 and above simplifying the pairing procedure. With this upgrade, your Google account will keep in mind the devices you have connected to, then carry the data to other handsets you are logged into. Apple’s AirPods follow an almost similar pairing process, comprising syncing to transfer across devices using an Apple ID.

On a similar note, Google earlier introduced its Sync and Backup desktop application for Windows and Mac platform. The search major has completed its promise that it made to provide the new technique. This technique substitutes the current Google Drive and Google Photos desktop uploader for the desktops.

The Sync and Backup desktop application from Google will take back up of all the photos and files in the Google Photos and Google Drive of the users. The consumers just require choosing the folders they need the files to be synchronized with. The firm is currently giving just 15 GB capacity with free accounts on the Drive to use the Sync and Backup feature. The consumers can utilize the latest tool to take backup of photos from both SD cards and USB-connected gadgets.

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