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Selling Of Community Groups Not Allowed On FB

FB has decided to cease the authority to sell off the administration rights for the community groups. This decision was taken in light of the incident in which around 25,000 members of the London group had left it after finding the owner had sold off the group.

The community groups are meant for the local areas and act in a voluntary capacity with a traditional setup. The users utilize these groups to discuss the local concerns and share interesting events while selling and buying unwanted items. According to a user, the buyers buy the group to market their businesses, along with selling unofficial ad space. On the other hand, FB stated that this practice is considered as spam mentioned under the section of Community Standard rules.

Selling Of Community Groups Not Allowed On FB

A spokesperson on behalf of FB has stated that the platform has never authorized any person to sell off the site privileges, which also include selling of a space on a group or page so the third party ad can be displayed. The admin roles are also non-transferable. He has confirmed that the account was disabled against which a report was issued. He has also requested the communities to report any such incidents occurring across the platform so the necessary actions can be taken with an immediate effect. However, he has also committed investigating on the concern.

Jon Morter is the admin of a group that focuses on the local people of a county Essex. The admin of the group with over 30,000 members stated that a few weeks back, someone has approached to buy their group. The other members came up with this concern as well. Therefore, he decided to put these actions under limelight so the necessary steps are taken. He and the other admin have scrutinized the issue to find that at least 5 community groups, based on the local sales own the other groups. In fact, they charge for putting up the banner.

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