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Ibuprofen For Infants Sold At Walmart, CVS And Family Dollar Recalled

Stocks of ibuprofen meant for infants that is sold in stores like CVS, Family Dollar and Walmart have been withdrawn which is also referred to as Concentrated Oral Suspension (NSAID). The medicine has been recalled following fears that the ibuprofen concentration in the medicine at 50 mg per 1.25 ml may be too high for infants therefore dangerous too. This over the counter liquid formulation is generally given as a fever controller and pain relaxant for infants between 6 and 23 months without doctors’ prescription. According to TrisPharma in extreme cases the medication was found to cause diarrhea, abdominal pain, headaches and even intestinal pain so it has been recalled.

The recalled advisory stated that there was remote possibility that this medicine may cause renal injury to infants that could be more vulnerable than others to higher potency of the drug. The recalled doses were of 0.5 ounce each that were sold across the nation in stores like CVS, Walmart and Family Dollar. As per advisory the Equate ibuprofen packages at Wal-Mart have drug codes of 49035-125-23 and have lot number 00717009A and their date of expiry is February 2019.

Other recalled packages of ibuprofen at Wal-Mart are lot number 00717015A and date of expiry is April 2019 followed by lot number 00717024A and their date of expiry is August 2019. In CVS ibuprofen packages that have been recalled include drug code 59779-925-23 with lot number 00717024A and their date of expiry is August 2019. At Family Dollar whose medical division is termed as Family Wellness the ibuprofen batch which has been recalled is drug code 59319-250-23 with lot number 00717024A and their date of expiry is August 2019. The advisory warned parents to check their medical stock and throw away their ibuprofen if it has the given batch and lot numbers. Retailers too have been asked to discontinue selling the medicine with immediate effect.

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