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Parcel Thieves Get Glitter Bomb And Farty Spray

An innovative product by former NASA engineer Mark Rober has helped him to protect parcels on his doorstep from thieves. He spent six months to build a glitter bomb trap that is hidden in an Apple Homepod box uses four smartphones and a circuit board along with plenty of glitter. After Mark Rober was told by police that they were unable to solve his case he decided to take matter into his own hands and caught the thieves on his home security camera. To trick the original thieves he designed a harmless bomb that would burst forth when the package in which it was hidden would be opened.

He installed an elaborate network of phone camera and microphones to record the moment and the bomb itself contained an accelerometer to detect motion. When the parcel is moved the device would check its GPS signal to see if it had moved from the spot. If it would have then a signal would be sent to activate phones there to start recording and a cup of glitter spinning on a motor would get released when the box is opened. The device would also squirt a tube of strong smelling spray every thirty seconds.

The package was left on Mark’s porch with a label stating that it had been sent by “Kevin McCallister” and was stolen on several occasions. Each time it exploded spraying the thieves with glitter and fart spray the footage was captured each time forcing the thieves to abandon the package. This recording broadcasted on his YouTube Channel has become a big hit with people all over the world and he has now nearly six million views. This incident led Amazon to declare that it is working with police in New Jersey region to combat the parcel theft crime. So now police teams are planting dummy boxes fitted with GPS trackers and hidden cameras in locations that have been identified by Amazon as theft locations.

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