October 24, 2021

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Before BTS rapper Suga collaborated with IU, Jungkook had currently lost their heart towards the day singer that is good

Before BTS rapper Suga collaborated with IU, Jungkook had currently lost their heart towards the day singer that is good

BTS ARMY and IU fans had been greeted with among the news that is best this thirty days. K-Pop fans had been informed that Yoongi is collaborating with Lee Ji-eun on a song that is new. Whilst the information on the track are underneath the wraps, IU’s agency EDAM Entertainment has teased the track will be unlike any one of IU’s past tracks. Whilst the fans that are k-Pop desperate to stream the track, we mightn’t a bit surpised if Jungkook would like to end up being the very very first one through the Bangtan Boys to stream the track at the time it releases.

It really is no key that Kookie possesses crush that is massive IU. The singer has admitted their admiration for the day that is good at every possibility he had been presented. A couple of years ago, Jungkookie confessed the first-time he invested cash to get a record album, it had been of IU. The ARMY needed you can forget evidence after JK chose https://datingrating.net/wealthy-dating/ to dress as a bunny during 21st Century Girl Dance Practice (Halloween ver.) in 2016. The bunny ended up being the reproduction of IU’s grey-colored bunny onesie worn during one of her tv appearances. Though it might be a coincidence that is possible fans had been convinced Kookie switched towards IU for the costume concept.

View the movie below:

To get more reassurance about their crush, why don’t we look straight right back at MAMA 2017 whenever BTS was seated behind IU and Kookie destroyed their brain. Flustered by their crush’s existence, Kookie appeared to be a mini was being had by him fanboy anxiety attack. Unsure of how exactly to get in regards to the situation, other BTS users dived into action, readjusting their sitting arrangement to provide Kookie some comfort. The dork that is adorable ended up being caught on camera. Investigate for yourself here.

If that is maybe maybe perhaps not sufficient, according to Kpopstarz.com, BTS users have actually confessed they should tune in to IU’s tracks courtesy Jungkook.

The singer has prioritised her music since forever! He additionally attempted to pay for certainly one of her tracks and shared it online. He additionally confessed he turned towards learning guitar because he discovered IU knew how exactly to play an instrument that is stringed. If that is not the ultimate fanboy, we do not know very well what its.

We wonder exactly exactly just exactly what Jungkook’s effect ended up being as he discovered Yoongi is collaborating with IU! just exactly exactly exactly What do you consider their response had been? Tell us your ideas within the responses below.

Meanwhile, IU’s agency EDAM Entertainment shared facts about their collaboration in a declaration. “As performers associated with the age that is same the 2 vocalists had the ability to relate solely to each other and usage that being a foundation for trading views. They created their very own synergy that is unique which can be mirrored inside their song,” the agency stated, depending on a Soompi report. Suga’s brand brand new collaboration comes a months that are few he collaborated with Halsey on Suga’s Interlude. The singer circulated a rap track with Halsey leading to the English lyrics. The track released in December 2019. Aside from the solitary with IU, Suga confirmed which he while the other BTS members will work on audio.

In A vlive that is recent he confirmed the headlines. “we are currently focusing on a brand new record once more. Before we began, we decided who had been in control of just what. Who does oversee every thing, that would oversee the visuals, who does oversee the music—we split that up. We talked about it amongst ourselves and made a decision. ‘A video clip about this will soon be released quickly, therefore please view it,” a fan interpretation through the VLive unveiled.

BTS singer V additionally confirmed more music that is new coming our means.

Taehyung unveiled he’s got been busy creating some brand new songs for BTS’ upcoming record. He additionally included he has got a songs that are few has to complete. BTS frontrunner RM also shared comparable details during their VLive. “To be truthful, I’m perhaps perhaps not yes if I’m allowed to be speaking therefore casually similar to this but— As a lot of you probably expected,

record will probably turn out. We’ve decided to get ready for the brand new record, therefore we’ve started preparations… We’ve kicked it well,” RM stated.

“We’ll be sharing the entire process of planning and material, which will be a primary. I’m a bit torn regarding how much we ought to show— But we’ll be attempting to explain to you a number of the processes that individuals proceed through together, to any extent further… The album can come away, but since we only simply kicked down, we don’t understand what tracks we are going to sing, exactly what the name track is going to be, what sort of music we’ll mention. None of the has been determined in more detail yet about it,” he added since we only just started talking.