September 19, 2021

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TIC Services – helpful in economic fields and responsible for legislation

Top 6 Global TIC Services Companies

Testing, Inspection and Certification companies are responsible for wide range of industrial sectors and various legislation and standards.

Thus, independent TIC Companies plays a essential role in all virtual economic fields. The importance of and special roles played by independent TIC Companies fluctuate between sectors and countries. These range from raw materials, environmental protection, education, tourism, consumer products, IT and electronics, medicine, agriculture, oil and gas industries, and logistics.

Testing and certification services are some of the key services that involve quality and safety controls by conformity assessments. This involve product testing, periodic car inspections, supply chain certifications, industrial site inspections, consignment-based conformity assessments, management system auditing and certification, and pre-shipment inspection.

The Third-party TIC is a cost-effective method that boost higher level of compliance. It ensures higher protection of consumer with safer products, helps agencies of government enhance efficiencies and leverage scarce resources of market. This also helps in manufacturers to less the cost of in-house compliance and navigate global market needs easily.

Top 6 Global TIC Services Companies

Eurofins Scientific SE

Eurofins Scientific SE is a global life sciences corporation that offers a unique range of services such as analytical testing services to customers around several industries. The company works with the biggest global companies to ensure that products they supply are safe, accurate labelling, and ingredients are authentic. The company is one of the leader in pharmaceutical, cosmetic product testing, food, agro science CRO services, and environmental in the world.  Eurofins Scientific SE is also one of the global market leaders in some testing and laboratory services for forensics, genomics, material sciences, CDMO, and for discovery pharmacology.


SGS is one of the world leader in verification, inspection, certification, and testing company. The company is recognized as the benchmark for integrity and quality globally. SGS operates in nine segments of business. The segments are Certification & Business Enhancement, Oil, Gas, & Chemicals; Government & Institution, Consumer & Retail, Agriculture, Healthcare & Safety, Minerals, Environment, and Food & Life. SGS provides automotive services by its segment of transportation. The company is providing automotive services involving automotive testing, inspection, and certification.

Bureau Veritas S.A.

Bureau Veritas S.A. is one of the leading company in testing, inspection, and certification in the world. Bureau Veritas S.A. operates in the market by six segments. The six segments of Bureau Veritas S.A. are Certification, Agri-food & Commodities, Marine, Buildings & Infrastructure, Offshore, and Consumer Products. Bureau Veritas S.A. has its presence across the Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East & Africa with its subsidiaries and strong distribution network.


DNV GL is offering services such as assurance service and one of the world leader in certification bodies. DNV GL also assist companies in a range of industries to enhance their performance of business. DNV GL offers software, classification, independent expert advisory, and technical assurance services to the renewables, maritime, oil & gas, power, industries. DNV GL also offers supply chain management, data management services and certification to consumers across a vast range of industries.


TUV SUD is offering technical services committed to enable progress by protecting assets, people, and environment from risks that are related to risks. The company’s range of services covers inspection, certification, training, certification & testing knowledge services, and auditing & system. TUV SUD operates by three segments of business such as Certification, Industry, and Mobility. The company has its presence across Europe, the Americas, and Asia with its subsidiaries and strong distribution network.

TÜV Rheinland AG Group

TÜV Rheinland AG Group Is a provider of independent inspection in the world. TÜV Rheinland AG Group inspects products & services, helps to shape processes, technical equipment, information security for companies, and oversees projects. The company’s experts in a wide range of industries and careers. The company’s employs a network of approved labs, education centers, and testing globally. The company has been a member of the UN’s Global Compact to advertise and promote sustainability and combat corruption since 2006. North America, TUV Rheinland OpenSky, TUV Rheinland UK Limited, and TUV Rheinland Secure IT GmbH are some of the subsidiaries of TÜV Rheinland AG Group.

Future Scope

Testing, Inspection and Certification companies are responsible for wide range of industrial sectors and various legislation and standards. In future, there will be more value of TIC services companies.

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