September 19, 2021

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Top 5 Smartwatch Companies Synchronizing with Mobile Applications and Tracking Time

Owing to the increased demand for fitness products and devices in the market, many huge players in the electronic industry have turned towards manufacturing smart devices. In this era of digitization, every device has become smart. We’ve got smartphones, smart TV, smartwatches and the list goes on and on.
Smartwatches are a recent addition to this repertoire of electronic devices being sold all over the world. A smartwatch is a device that the user wears on the wrist. It can be used for health monitoring, for keeping a track of fitness, and also for quick communication. The user interface of a smartwatch is very friendly and consumers are able to use it fairly easily. Today, many countries in the world are seeing hype in the production of smartwatches. India, of course, hasn’t lagged behind. The smartwatch industry has something for everyone. Right from fitness enthusiasts to elegantly dressed upscale people to middle-class individuals looking for a smartwatch experience, everyone’s needs are catered to here. With more innovations and research, the day is not far away when medical diagnoses will be done through these smartwatches.
Looking at the immense popularity of these smartwatches, huge corporations like Apple, FitBit, Samsung have entered into the world of high-tech masterfully designed exotic smartwatches. It has been said that doctors do recommend smartwatches to sick people so as to monitor their vitals. Heart rate, BP, ECG, you name it, the smartwatch has it! That’s how amazing and productive these devices are! Now, after having understood the current market trend of smartwatches, let us now look at the prominent companies that are a part of this project for revolutionizing the smartwatch industry. The first and foremost company, the elite of the elites would certainly have to be Apple. Today, the iwatch is as popular as a Mercedes. And for no ordinary reason! The watch specifications and product description are such that anyone interested in the technological aspects of electronics would certainly buy at least one iwatch in their life.

So, let’s now start with the king of smartwatches, our own, iWatch.

Apple iwatch

Apple devices are known for their immaculate design and security features. So plus one on that! Another reason for buying an iwatch is to experience the sheer ease that this device offers. For laymen who don’t understand technical jargon, and iwatch basically tracks your heartbeat, BP, it can also take an ECG, this feature is available in the upgraded version. It becomes your body’s friend. It also tracks workouts and the kilometers you’ve run-walk. You can also set timers and send messages on this watch. There are various series of this watch and the prices differ according. The most popular series is 5 which has unique features. This makes the watch worth buying.


Fitbit is a company known for fitness and lifestyle. So, naturally, the smartwatches offered by this company have a strong focus on fitness-related data. There are various options to choose from. This watch comes in various colors and designs which appeal to the young crowd. This smartwatch is a bit less expensive than apple but still worthy for fitness junkies. It can also track your workouts and other important attributes. All in all, it’s a good choice for those who want to invest in their health.


Garmin watches are known for their sleek features and elegant design. This watch is mostly used by runners and the data analytics of this watch is considered very accurate. Professional runners and athletes have this watch. There are various models which can be chosen according to our specifications. It is an expensive watch to choose from the myriad option available, but it’s accurate and worthy and known for its name in the industry.


Xiaomi has become immensely popular in the tech world due to its affordable and cheap options for various devices. The Mi watch is popular among youth and persons from the middle class since it’s affordable and user-friendly. The app is also useful for consumers to keep track of their health data. Mi watch or Mi bands are available almost everywhere, online and offline, owing to its smashing popu6. It’s a good option for those looking to have a nice smartwatch experience without having to invest a lot of money.


Samsung watches are extremely popular for their attractive design and features. These watches lie somewhere in the middle, they aren’t too expensive, neither are they too cheap. Samsung is a trusted brand in the tech industry and one can try the smartwatch for its features like waterproof design, tracking features, etc.

Before Buying

There are so many names to choose from when it comes to smartwatches. One can do thorough market research and run a price analysis on the various brands so as to arrive at a decision of choosing a smartwatch to call its own. Most importantly, app features, user interface along pricing are the most important factors while deciding upon a smartwatch.

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